Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BMW plans new exposure, the future will launch several new models

Media revealed that BMW is developing several new models. Including next-generation BMW 6 Series based on the GT model, Z2, a 3 Series, as well as new Supersports cars MINI variant.

A new generation of BMW 3 Series
Has just opened at the Geneva auto show, BMW released the 5-Series GT concept car, which will also develop the next generation of the BMW 6 Series GT cars. This concept car will be based on the market by the end of 2010 a new generation 6 Series car platform. The car design elements, including the back to open the back door and so on suicide from the BMW CS concept car.
BMW 5-Series GT concept car
The hinge at the back after setting the door so that rear passengers can be more convenient access to vehicles, while the B column removed because of the overall modeling allows more fluid. If the vehicle into volume production will be the Audi A7 Sportback, Mercedes-Benz CLS and Porsche Panamera-class competitors.
In addition, BMW will also develop Z2, the design of the car is said to have been nearing completion, it will at this year's Frankfurt auto show debut. If Z2 quickly into volume production, this will be the first time assembled two BMW Z roadster prefix. Rumor also is developing a horse 335i Supersports, the overall performance of this sports car is almost at the same level with the M3. It's a lot of aspects higher than the Standard Edition models, including the use of lightweight materials, high-performance suspension, larger brakes and more engine choices.

Finally, BMW is likely to continue to expand at MINI Series lineup, the new model called the MINI SpaceBox (instead of the name are now unable to determine). MINI variant of this car is about 4 meters in length, only five centimeters longer than the Clubman. Perhaps this is a similar model Volkswagen Bus this.

BMW is developing a new car of this series will not only expand its model line-up's increase in sales, but also can fill its gaps are still in the market models (such as four-door coupe market), so that further improve the model line-up .

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