Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rockstar announced that Max Payne 3 winter Listing

Max Payne 3Rockstar has just confirmed that "Max Payne3" will be held this winter with the PC, PS3, and Xbox360 gamers to meet, the official website is now on line, but strangely not mentioned in a press release PC version.

(Probably not want to are not well up on Microsoft's "Games for WindowsLive" platform, while the earlier "GTA4" PC version is GFWLive works)

Rockstar Vancouver studio responsible for the development here, "We will open a new chapter in his career Max Payne", Rockstar boss SamHouser said.

"This will be of us have not met Marx, the older teens, but also a more cynical world-weary, and we are acutely aware, at" Max Payne 2 ", we witness his final effort of self-salvation."

Max Payne this time will be far away from the New York Police Department and New York City, all aspects from bad to worse, trapped in another full of violence and killings of town, using their guns to act based on intuition, in despair go Deus Ex search for the truth. Strong winds, cold heart has been ... ...

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