Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photographers shooting the desert in Africa, filming the endangered African cheetah photo

Cheetahs are the fastest running land animal
Sub-Saharan Africa cheetahs are endangered species
Zoological Society of London scientists said that the recent shooting at the Algerian Sahara desert regions to a group of extremely rare photographs of the African cheetah, to save this endangered species has a very important role.

Sub-Saharan Africa cheetah is also known as "the Northwest African cheetah", these photos are on the endangered species is the first-to-date information. Photographers were arranged in sub-central region of the first inspection system, covering 2800 square km filming. The investigation, scientists spotted a unique pattern of four different types of sub-Saharan Africa had a cheetah recognition; to provide the latest endangered species information, events and how these animals in the desert environment of mutual interdependence.

Cheetahs are the fastest running land animals, up to 112 kilometers per hour, and acceleration is also very alarming, from a maximum speed of just went from 4 seconds. According to information available, the African cheetah general form of a small number of groups or individuals found in the Sahara Desert, North Africa and the western prairie-tree zone, Algeria is currently believed to possess the largest number of African cheetah appears.

Zoological Society of London Senior Fellow Sarah Durunk doctor said: "The sub-Saharan Africa cheetahs are endangered species, for in fact it did not specify the number of records, so this new discovery and to continue the research work are very important."Responsible for field visits, Fred Brpjery added: "This is a people could not believe the great discovery, for the African cheetah and its assessment of the current quantity has a vital role. According to this study, we speculate on the African hunting The number of leopards at the following 250 adult individuals. The study will help us to understand the African cheetah, to provide us about the African cheetah quantity, activity and ecological information. "

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Carver said...

The first shot really shows what an elegant and powerful animal it is. Interesting post. Thanks for your visit to my blog.

skywind said...

Yes, the cheetah is a very graceful animal. Thx Carver.

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