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Netherlands spring, tulip-like Beauty Encounter

Dutch tulips in spring-like beauty Tian Ye evening, quiet windmill, Han Park thick clogs, tulips flowers in bright smiling faces of girls ... ... to bring these people to mind would involuntarily association to the Netherlands. The charm of the Netherlands is such as fantastic city, and vertical and horizontal canals intertwined.

Spring in the Netherlands, in addition to tulips, there are narcissus, saffron, hyacinth bulbs and other plants covered with bright and the earth, very pleasing. Occupies an area of 28 hectares of the park Keukenhof luxuriant trees, more than six million lines tuberhybrida plant flowers presented feast for tourists. Throughout the year, the Netherlands will be organized around the float procession, around the very unique design of the float came out one after another, this is also a symbol of the harvest festival.From the North Sea coast may benefit grams Connaught road to start the spring Palace Parade, it seems that spring has come for the world to do the most amazing declaration. Amsterdam, autumn flower procession is also a large scale and very lively. As visitors from afar, we should not miss the opportunity to float the event, which is near the country's first step.Dutch tulips in spring-like beauty Recommend Park:


Address: Stationsweg166a Lisse


Address: Vogelenzangseweng49 Vogelenzang

VerenigdeBloemenveilingen VBA

Address: Legmeerdijk313 AaismeerDutch tulips in spring-like beauty Tulip-like Beauty Encounter

Dutch windmills are impressed by the composition of which an important factor. Dutch windmill 700 years of history, the current well-preserved is running out, a considerable number of them concentrated in the vicinity of Kinderdijk.Where the cattle walk on the grass, the chimney on the roof drinking cigarette smoke curl upwards, passes away after another under the blue sky and white clouds, unknown wild flowers open at the river alone, and the old windmill will be erected at quiet small riverside ... ... tower windmill with reed hut roof Netherlands are very unique residential areas, with the passage of time, some renovation has become a Dwelling, and some alterations have become museums, now they have become the Netherlands, a symbol of the eyes of tourists has also become a very precious landscape.

The Netherlands is the world famous "low-lying kingdom", has 27 percent of the land below sea level, and the other 30% of the territory of only 1 meter above sea level, the eastern has many swamps and lakes. Particularly low-lying capital of Amsterdam, and some places as low as five meters below sea level! Amsterdam bordering immense ijsselmeer, a North Holland Canal wear city from north to south, a natural river Amstel in the city center and the line winding, together with Prince on the canal and a gentleman canals, no wonder some people said , Amsterdam are completely the "water city."Canal density of the Netherlands and Paris metro, like Micronesia such as spider vessels become a very important means of transport. Amsterdam cruise unique opaque apart from bottom, the other three sides are glass, so the boat ride there is no visual impairment, all the way, the river gurgling, many antique buildings in the immediate gently across.

The Netherlands has a "Garden of Europe" the reputation, and its moist sandy soil, the most suitable type of flowers and rhizome growth. So rose, chrysanthemum, narcissus, hyacinth and other flowers at the roadside can be seen everywhere, even as the national flower of tulip. Wait until the tulips bloom season, more than 300 kinds of tulips, all kinds of willfulness strange name, that caught the attention of all recollection of flowers. Such a beautiful country indeed do not want to leave.Dutch tulips in spring-like beautyNetherlands Travel Tips

■ Food

In this country the sea, its inhabitants could not eat seafood, because they feel that there is smell. Staple food in general are beef, chicken, pork, the most famous dishes are carrot + onion + potatoes. The locals liked to eat cheese, there is as much as hundreds of species, but for them, it is not food, but the life of a indispensable part of a lot of people have become accustomed to put it as a snack to eat. The Netherlands is the best bread and milk, bread Woosong also crisp fragrance overflowing.

■ Transportation

Major mode of transport in the Netherlands apart from boat, bus, private car, cycle have. In Amsterdam, we could always see someone wearing a very decent place to work by bike, and he probably is a manager of large companies. The reason is simple, Amsterdam rather narrow road car but not as good as riding Convenience. Therefore can be seen everywhere in the bike rental shop, every day 10 euros, which is self-help travelers, losing a good choice. Netherlands of course has a lot of bus fare is about € 2.5, which is not cheap.

■ Souvenirs

To the Netherlands, clogs and cheese I'm afraid that every tourist will buy souvenirs. Apart from these two, the Netherlands is also famous for diamonds, because the local diamond processing rather special, a diamond cutting up to 240 noodle noodle, but the price of diamonds, after all, too expensive, and recommend everyone go buy Tulip Amsterdam airport duty-free seeds, It is said that the survival rate is very high, put the Netherlands back beauty of tulips for a friend, are also considered a big surprise you.

The Netherlands is full of artistic taste of the city, buildings have called CUBICHOUSE, like a ramp placed the Rubik's cube, you definitely want at this kind of house furniture how to put it. In fact, it is a vision games room and common room or the same formation.

As a traditional project, the Netherlands, of course, want to visit clogs factory. The special thing about it lies in the use of materials - are made with Aspen.

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