Monday, March 9, 2009

German political parties in the implementation of Nazism. Dream set up the Fourth Reich

Two two-year investigation by the reporter disclosed that the German National Democratic Party under the pretext of democracy, the implementation of Nazism. National Democratic Party, a former Secret cadres said that the German extreme right-wing political parties funded by the remnants of the Nazis, the dream of a "Fourth Reich of Germany." Politicians are concerned that the national Democratic Party is using the economic crisis for parliamentary elections at this year earned the "big harvest."

German journalist interviews a number of cadres and the National Democratic Party, who quit the party, the author of "German National Democratic Party insider" (hereinafter referred to as "insider").

Wrote that the Democratic Party foreign country claiming to be middle-class political parties, during the election period will be from the party "intellectuals" and the dapper men's short hair come forward to win votes.

"Since I want to do something for Germany to join the National Democratic Party," Rotohart taxi driver said he did not expect after add gradually discovered that the party only "looks beautiful."

"Insider" wrote the German National Democratic Party, as some of the eastern part of the "liberated nation." Non-German people under duress, did not dare stay in the region. National Democratic Party the party prevailing in horror and violence of Hitler worship activities, regardless of the threat is determined to quit the party.

Rotohart witnessed a number of party members at a youth severely beaten and then could not put up with calling party.

Rotohart said that the National Democratic Party were to sing songs such as the Nazi Party banned songs to pay tribute to Adolf Hitler-style salute each other, and should consider the establishment of a new Jewish concentration camp.

British "Daily Mail" quoted an expert report, Germany at the moment of economic recession, rising unemployment, with the rise of Hitler's Nazi forces when the situation is quite similar to a fraction. National politicians are worried that the Democratic Party will take this opportunity to get the upper hand.

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