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Danish environmental protection pollution-free island

Alexandra of Denmark Musso Island

Alexandra of Denmark Musso Island was originally unknown, people only know the history here was an old pirate lair, but since 2000 the Government of Denmark as a model for environmental protection, the people all over the world come to break the silence on the island.

Can not find the real garbage

Departure from Copenhagen by ferry Karenbauer around four hours, you can board the famous Musso-shan Island. One has just landed on smelt a faint scent of grass. Looking ahead, immense vegetation growing madness, it seems not been reclaimed, but the original piece of virgin land. Stands tall white windmills, Alexandra Musso are the only sign of modernity. If it were not for their existence, it seems to turn the clock back a hundred years.

Denmark, according to a friend, Alexandra Musso Island all the energy is environmentally friendly, no pollution from the land, then return to this piece of pure land, a permanent cycle continues, there is no real trash. Residents said goodbye to the basic oil and gas, community winter heating, rely on solar power, straw and straw and other renewable energy sources.At the island, there will be post-harvest crop stalks for processing compressed, resulting in the shape of bricks fuel. Question this kind of "fuel bricks" left after burning, the ashes also be processed into fertilizer, applied to land again. Re-refined oil such as rapeseed squeezings after being processed into cake recovery block has become a good livestock feed ... ... In short, you can think of things can be recycled. Not only that, but never on the island also provides use of chemical fertilizers, only natural products.


Eco-housing has one hundred years of history

Musso Alexandra in front of every household on the island are full of beautiful roses and Begonia, some unknown plant. The island a lot of houses are centuries old homes, thick grass roof has been well preserved, seem to neglect taking care of their looks, showing a totally original natural style. According to the islanders said that this form of housing warm winter, cooler in summer, are true "eco-room."

The island a total of only ten or so wind turbines, but more than enough electricity generated, in addition to power consumption, and also a number of cars and shipping charge to use. All electricity and then the rest of "support" to the Danish mainland. Although Musso-shan Island only more than 4000 population, awareness of environmental protection than anywhere else, and this initiative from the "windmill stock." Since 1 / 4 of the islanders are windmill company's shareholders, they directly participate in and control of local energy, windmills and is closely related to their income.Have a lot of windmills in the stock market has become a people's dream.

Danish people are not accustomed to the island, "the precepts of the Puritan rule"

There is no doubt that Musso-shan Island for the city people lived, it is an ideal home, however, and the Danish people in chat, the reporter found that not many people willing to move to the city to settle Musso-shan. Since bustling metropolis and convenience are still strongly attracted the majority of people, and Alexandra Musso-like calm in isolation can not meet their various desires, those for environmental protection formulated by "the precepts of the Puritan rule" is indeed caused by a number of life inconvenience.

Musso from Alexandra to the ferry every day Karenbauer only 4 times, and expensive travel. The inconvenience of traffic also make the city of people feel helpless-shan Musso. Therefore favorite Musso Alexandra of Denmark, people have to invest to buy a house on the island at leisure to come here and vacation, and then return to their respective city.

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