Monday, March 9, 2009

American couples online auctions "luxurious cave"

Luxurious appearance of the cave
Luxury caves internal
Cave mansion's kitchen
The Associated Press reported that the United States a couple through the Internet after the purchase in a cave built housing, the financial crisis struck unexpectedly, forcing them to online auction this "alternative luxury."

This house is located in St. Louis, Missouri, a suburb of Festus mining town due to the formation of a cave which is currently at ebay online auctions, the reserve price 300,000 U.S. dollars.

Seller Cotes Leeper and his wife Deborah at the Internet said that they passed by the end of 2003, "Tony billion" around 160,000 U.S. dollars to purchase the cave, and then spent 4 years, the construction area inside the cave at around 1580 square meters of residential. Husband and wife to this residential mortgage loan applications a lot. However, affected by financial crisis, they were unable to raise sufficient funds to pay large balance due, the potential loss of residential foreclosure. Faced with a March 1 deadline for the final repayment, they had the sale of the residential Internet access.

Although the cave is located, within a modern residential facilities. Vendor released photos show, in addition to three bedrooms and kitchens, bathrooms and other essential rooms, the house also has a meeting organized by activity room and several offices.

The seller said that the cave to live quiet, the winter due to natural geothermal has no heating, in summer without air conditioning because of avoiding the scorching sun. Hole can also be direct access to underground water, enough water daily.

In addition, this cave was once the 20th century, 50's been transformed into nightclubs, so far people have some well-known music was used in stage performances.

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