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Stuffy show-the Swedes

Stuffy show-the Swedes
Had a long-term Living in Sweden Swedish evaluation of Chinese friends belong to "stuffy show" type, that is, the hearts are very keen to exercise restraint in the face of it, which means deliberately doing deep, does not easily reveal their feelings. Journalist think the word used in the appearance of strict, and from time to time and acts in a sentimental side of the Swede, who is indeed quite appropriate. Located in the southern city of Malmo, Sweden, the rotation of the building, but also the Swedes as "stuffy show" a product of it.

And most Swedish cities, Malmo building of many in the last century it has been 60 years ago On your marks, the style seemed to be somewhat antiquated wooden, much like some of those who usually looks "boring" the Swede. However, the rotation of the city building is an alternative, because the building is like a cuboid have rules, the people living a 90-degree turn, would people even think that was the visual twist, and Berthelot's post-modernist style of architecture.

The buildings are well-known architects from Spain Carlo Calatrava design, he or Athens Olympic stadium and the new World Trade Center in New York Subway Station designers. Carlo Calatrava reportedly inspired by a twist of the human body sculpture, by this sculpture was inspired, he decided to build one in Malmo, "the appearance of distinctive, unique architecture technology."

The 54-storey building is 189 meters high, is divided into nine zones layer, each layer also have some rotation, so that the entire building a total of 90-degree rotation. Building the bottom two floors are office space, and the remaining seven zones layer has a total of 33 kinds of different forms of 147 luxury apartments and apartment space, have a great personality and interior decoration. So was building apartment buildings in the sales, despite the high cost of the cheapest near as high as a 10 million Swedish kronor (SEK basic equivalent RMB), but it was quickly looted and 1, and the buyer also Some of the foreigners come.

And other building compared to building not only in high rotation on a crane standing among chickens, but also unique, so are the locals as a sign of Malmo. At the 2005 World skyscraper site Award, Malmo rotating building was selected as the year's best skyscraper. The judges praised the site, said the building design and construction reflected the spirit of adventure and innovation awareness and give the old Smart Malmo added flavor and life.

And Malmo, the locals are very proud for the rotating building. Reporter in an interview where he encountered a Swede, he told reporters: "a lot of people to Sweden, after saying that Sweden is a dull old country, then you look at the rotating building, and she is the most fashionable dress of the Children Girl. "speech, the rather boring to Sweden" to vindicate the "Taste of.

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