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10 of the most horrid terrorist travel destinations

The specter of wavering, elusive ghost, rotting corpses stink ...... you brave enough to visit those who have been appalling murder case or a bizarre tourist attractions haunted? Into the world's top 10 most horrible trip destination. This is a brave game, you ready?

Sonora Mexico magic market Sonora Mexico magic market

Sonora Mexico witchcraft market to Mexico and the sale of foreign tourists are some of God such as medicine, snake blood and hummingbirds, such as dehydration of the body is said to bring good luck to give people things. Here is not only a shaman, astrologers, fortune-teller's paradise, but also the reality of magic market.

Tower of London Tower of London

This is a very bloody history of 600 years of tourist attractions. Blood spatter massacre; appalling five separate bodies of horse; heinous Ripper belly break ...... in the UK, you difficult to find a more fierce than the Tower of London haunted the place.
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Hollywood has always refused to let fans see a chance of any star is not even the ghost of the stars do not want to miss, and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is one the best proof. Roosevelt hotel tenants included almost all the contemporary stars. Rumors that the ghost of some stars has been living there. Movie star Montgomery Clift's ghost is said to have been to stay in the hotel's 928 rooms. Marilyn Monroe first came to Hollywood, will live in 246 rooms, her bedroom, the large mirror is placed in the corridors of the hall, it is said there is lot of people saw her coming out at the mirror.
Mutter Medical History Museum Mutter Medical History Museum

Mutter Medical History Museum is located in Pennsylvania, the United States costs the city. Museum exhibition a large number of human bones, infections, organ, as well as unusual medical specimens. Since the Mutter Museum in 1863 after the opening to the public, a large number of tourists come here to witness the exhibition hall of terror almost crazy scientific atmosphere.
Mary King StreetMary King Street

Edinburgh, Scotland Mary King Street is a narrow cobbled side street. In 1645, when the plague spread to Edinburgh, where the blockade was complete. Some legends of the home was stained with plague were shut the door with bricks, they were being starved to death alive. In 2003, this street re-opened and become tourist attractions. Haunted by rumors that there was no person that is willing to live at that, seemed to be somewhat desolate. Tourists that walk on this street at the time, with a total arms and legs feel anything encountered. Local author, this may be a name called the ghost of Annie's Girl.
Getttysburg Getttysburg

Still remember the famous speech Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech? The United States the worst bloody war - the war on Getttysburg happened here, there is more than 51,000 soldiers were killed in this. Today, visitors will still have to hear the spirits of those who died on the battlefield in tears at calling of birds calling of birds do.
Chernobyl Chernobyl

April 26, 1986, Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear power plant inside a serious nuclear leak and explosion accident. Accidents cause 31 people were killed and ten thousand people on long-term effects of radioactive substances because of suffering from fatal diseases, many are still affected by radiation birth deformities. Now, in this case a major nuclear leak happened to have been open to visitors.
Massachusetts City Salian Massachusetts City Salian

Influx of large numbers of tourists the ancient town of the United States, Massachusetts Sslian city, they are not in order to commemorate the writer or inventor Bell Hawthorne. The town are due to happen in 1692 in a sweep of the infamous witch sport and world-famous. Dozens of innocent men, women have been wronged and was hanged. It is said that those who have been wronged then the curse of people killed so far have not been eliminated.
Winchester Mystery House Winchester Mystery House

In California there is a Winchester Mystery House. Winchester mistress's husband, firearms are to do business. Her husband died, Psychics have told Winchester said that those who died in her husband's ghost will be under the gun in retaliation, she can only stop the expansion of residential escape this unscathed. So she hired 13 carpenters working around the clock to build luxury residential building. Strange thing is that this has 160 rooms, there were 2000 residential door and window 10000! It is said on the floor will be a window at any time, if there is no guided tours, you can never separate people into a mansion.
Lizzy Borden hostels Lizzy Borden hostels

More than 100 years ago, took place here with the controversial Borden murder. It is said that the United States born in the northeastern part of Lizzie Borden girls cut the ax after 40 Biological father, stepmother gave her 41 ax. However, Lizzie Borden finally been released because of insufficient evidence. It also makes the case ended. If you also think that this murder case is in itself not enough terror, then come in person to the United States Massachusetts Hostels Lizzy Borden, the victims lying in bed sleeping off a night on it!

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