Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daughter of U.S. Vice President Biden was arrested for drug video, the details of pending verification

According to the United States, "New York Post" reported on the 29th, the United States Vice President Joseph Biden's daughter Ashley at a friend's party on the process of cocaine was the video. The photographer was asked to sell two million U.S. dollars at this video. But the United States has seen the video of the journalist, said the video, whether she is Ashley drugs have to be research.
It is reported that 27-year-old Ashley Biden is the Vice-President of the United States, Joseph Biden, the youngest child. Earlier this month, in her Wilmington, Delaware City, a friend of the party cocaine, drug abuse, her camera was filming the whole a friend. Video tape, a long brown hair, age over 20-year-old girl bending down to a table, the table of heroin addiction. Stand straight and then her body, and the house talking to other people.
Recently, the lawyer commissioned by the photographer intends to two million U.S. dollars price to sell the video to the media. Washington, DC, the United States on behalf of the lawyer Thomas mysterious "seller" and the United Kingdom than the United States and contact media, including "New York Post" and a well-known British newspaper. It is learned that the tape to reach a total length of 43 minutes, Thomas to the "New York Post," one of the broadcast journalist of the screen 90 seconds.
However, "New York Post" and other media refuse to spend a two million U.S. dollars to buy this disc, Vice-President of her daughter's drug use Video Tape. According to two lawyers said their clients have some insider information, enough for the vice president's daughter, is deeply embarrassing. Biden confirmed that his daughter was such as drug abuse, will no doubt be shocked by the Americans. Since Biden has accepted the United States are anti-drug fighter, has spared no effort on anti-drug legislation that his outspoken opposition to drugs, have launched initiatives to drugs "campaign stronger."

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