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German DIY license plate plate production

German DIY license plate plate productionBrought plates, many people may think that this is just a bunch of figures. However, "the birthplace of the modern automobile," Germany, not only recorded the license plate of their history and culture as well as various state, city, organization and every owner of a personalized card.

Mrs. Mercedes-Benz to create the world's "first registration"

Gross small town in eastern Germany Orbal Village, is located the world's only museum of a license plate. Museum of the Museum to win a license, signs, etc. formed by the empty plates to create. Museum collections are rich and varied, there are as many as 150,000 kinds. One piece of rectangular metal plates, written just above a "1". Rossiter said the founder of the museum, which should be preserved is the oldest of the vehicle license. From Germany to create the world's first car, the car soon became the new darling of the rich in Germany. In order to have differences with the other vehicle, known as the world's first woman pilot of the Mercedes-Benz automobile to his wife Bertha love seat to create a piece of iron hands of the brands do. Painted boards to write their names, as well as home addresses. It is said that this is probably the birth of the world's first license plate.Subsequently, a number of traffic accidents drivers often escape. To this end the police throughout Germany, all vehicle owners have to be put there name, address and registration number of the official license. In addition to the plate number was issued uniform, the license of the size, color and style will have its own design and custom-made to find craftsmen. Therefore, plate style variety, and can carry any part in the car. Until the early years of the 20th century, Germany began to implement a unified vehicle license. However, in 1898 the Netherlands issued the first license plate, was the world's first license plate issued by the Government.

Hitler came to power after the implementation of vehicle license racism has become a Nazi tool. German car license is coupled with a red hook, can be smooth, and the Jews to write the license plate "J" word, often by making things difficult. During World War II, battle in urgent need of a large number of weapons and ammunition, steel became a scarce resource. Plate has to be saved, instead of by the board.

Pay less tax season license

Germany set the current registration system is composed of four parts, the first part of a car registered in names of abbreviations, single letters are generally allocated to the major cities, such as B is to Berlin. The second part is the name of the owner's initials and lucky numbers selected. The third part is the proof of duty-paid and state emblem. 90's from the beginning of the last century, the German license plate with the left side on the reunification of the European Union --- a symbol of a circle of small stars, the following is the German acronym for D. In addition to the most common blue common license plate frames in black against a white background, the German number plates there are other colors: red with red frame in the automotive industry that old car or motor vehicle exports; Green word license is free of car tax owned vehicles, such as agriculture, forestry and public service organizations, vehicle; blue license for a test drive, the process of inspection or the sale of the driving license. Difference is that Germany can also be on-demand application license plate. If the owner of the car on the garage in winter is no open season may apply for a license. An area on the right, the reading of such vehicles to allow drivers time, such as "03-10" means October to March. This car only needs to pay taxes during that period of time driving.

DIY license plate

Although the German impressive routine, serious, but many of the German car like the license plate frame or the performance of their own personality, in his own name and the initials of the year on a special meaning to make a fuss. For example, "HH-NH1986" is living in Hamburg, born in 1986, the license plate Natasha Hoffman. Many businesses and owners with a license plate frame back to advertising. Bayern soccer team if you like, can be fitted with a "Bayern team refueling" of the frame. In Germany the production of license plates in addition to specialized enterprises, shoe repair on the street with all the key shops can make the standard license. Museums and some in the car license plate factory, the owner may also own hands plate. In recent years, the old license plate collection has become a collection of some German-loving people.

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