Sunday, April 12, 2009

World of Warcraft development of a new battlefield, S6 occupational balance

World of Warcraft development of a new battlefield, S6 occupational balance
World of Warcraft development of a new battlefield, S6 occupational balanceAccording to MMO-Champion of the news, Blizzard is developing a similar new battlefield Okuyama, another, S6 career season will also tend to balance. Details are as follows:

One: the new battlefield

Blizzard in Blue is disclosed with the development of a new battlefield, the battlefield will be similar to the battlefield Okuyama, especially Okuyama miss the old players will surely like the battlefield, more details will be revealed in the future.

Second: S6 occupational balance

S6 occupational balance most worth mentioning is: black-and-white double-dioxin (Paladin + Death Knight combination) will be weakened (CWOW to play Paladin in the people? To give up? Or continue?), Other aspects, in the current world all the top players (except CWOW) aggregation to: TR server arena, the arena had planes, fighters, Druid, tragic situation, in the end we did not see this team almost two professional soldiers, Druid has become a true two-Bear.

III: orange hammer

WOW dismembered in accordance with the specialized client site mmo-champion dismembered the latest results: The hammer will give access to a process, the need for large and 3.1 times BOSSSlon fighting to complete this epic task to complete: Recasting ancient king of the hammer. Slon in WOW and the history of Sargeras is a known and famous of the ancient gods.

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