Monday, April 20, 2009

Eidos: 3A-class game, "Thief 4" are being planned

Eidos Montreal on its official Web site suggested that the company is R & D, paragraph 2, AAA-level game, the game with the letter "T" at the beginning.

Eidos Montreal has been completed prior to the first AAA-class game - "DeusEx3" research and development. This allows many people can not help but wonder, Eidos Montreal to start R & D Eidos "family heirloom" - "Thief" series of the latest works.

Eidos Montreal's official Web site again in the show: "SecondProeject" to be announced, according to sources, the contents of the 3A-class background is a masterpiece with the Thief series, and specific details can not be disclosed.

"Thief" series of games for the latest - "Thief3: Fatal Shadows" in 2004, won the game received the same media, Gamespot also hit the high score of 8.8.

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