Sunday, April 5, 2009

German first nudity Quest Hotel: to be naked

By bike tourists.
Tourists in the 'nude hotel' in sunbathing
Adhere to the "naked not ashamed" of the naked and who now have a free and free of the "naked paradise" - German "Rose Garden" Hotel. Germany, the hotels are the first nude hotels, as long as access to the hotel to be "naked." In order to avoid possible sexual harassment, sex at the hotel within the scope of strictly prohibited.
"Rose Garden" hotel is located in the Black Forest region of Germany famous tourist center, where the scenery is very charming. Since the "Rose Garden" is about to open the message by one exposure of the naked and aroused great concern of those. Advocating for a culture of naked people, "rose garden" there means they can enjoy "nude sunbathing."
"Rose Garden" with a total of 31 hotel rooms. Fred is the owner of Baden - Wurttemberg people, wrapped up in a nudity nudist culture, his "bare-ling" has up to 25 years.Fred said that before the opening, he has provided for all aspects of the hotel to the public notice: as long as living in the "Rose Garden", it must have been naked. The hotel in order to ensure clean, all residents who are using a public chair must be covered with a towel or mat-owned. In addition, the most important point is that in order to avoid possible sexual harassment, the scope of sex in a hotel strictly prohibited. Once the violation of regulations will be expelled from the hostels.
Fred said: "I hope that all fans of nudity at sports, gaming and sharing the good times spent. We are not only individuals naked lovers welcome, I also want to be here naked home to enjoy and relax."
According to local media reports, the first since founder Fred nude hotel after a lot of family in Germany had such a hotel. A travel company are fantastic, the formal launch of the summer ready to fly naked.

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