Thursday, April 23, 2009

The new Toyota Prius in Japan exceeded 20,000 reservations

According to "Japanese Economic News" reported up-to-date, Toyota's greater power, lower energy consumption of the new Prius hybrid did not debut, has been booking more than 20,000. Toyota managers are expected, in mid-May to formally launch the car before the book is expected to reach capacity 40000. The new Prius began in April from the book, reported that its sales than the industry expected more than a Honda Insight hybrid car available for sale at the time of booking situation.

Honda's new Insight hybrid February 6 this year, officially began sales, the minimum configuration, only the price of ¥ 1,890,000 (about ¥ 99 1 U.S. dollars), due to huge price advantage, sale orders for only 11 days on broke through 10,000 to reach its sales target twice on. The new Toyota Prius the advantage of being, the biggest per liter of gasoline mileage up to 38 kilometers, is currently in volume production models in the world. In response to the price of Honda challenges, Toyota lowered the maximum prices of new cars is expected the new version of the lowest Prius will be about ¥ 2,050,000 more than the current version (¥ 2,331,000) down about 12%. Toyota also announced that the new Prius from the beginning of the listing, the old version of the price of Prius Insight will report directly to the price level of the minimum configuration.

Delighted that the industry, two giant hybrid car around the long-term competitiveness of the Japanese automobile market downturn has brought vitality.

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