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Drink a glass, savor the wine culture of the countries

Walter Benjamin once said that each city hall is the key, as long as the beer drinking in Germany can be endemic in this city there is sufficient understanding of the people. Not just Germany, but also more than just beer, wine styles around the world on behalf of the local customs can. Whether you go by the masters of hospitality, drink, passion will transfer immediately.

Pizza Beer, the United States, Illinois.
In 2006, Tom and his wife suddenly wants to create a new beer with their favorite food --- thus the birth of pizza beer. They will be hundreds of pounds of wheat shell, garlic, oregano, tomato and chopped basil, and then after soaking and filtering, the final production of the self, "the essence of Pisa." Pisa is now widely available beer in the United States and was accepted by the public.

Snake bile wine, Vietnam
Snake bile wine can be seen everywhere in Vietnam, the snake restaurants in general will provide a special service at the scene --- the production. This roast duck with the Chinese way of eating, watching the chefs plate on film as well.In Viet Nam, specialized technicians will turn your face in front of the gallbladder cobra, snake bile and then mixed with rice wine. This is the dark-green mixture of the aperitif before dinner.

O2 Sparkling Vodka, United Kingdom
This is a new carbon dioxide into the vodka after vodka brewed. Materials including small malt and barley, before the bubble in the indoctrination, the vodka distilled in copper tank device in distillation and filtration through three. This process is the most important of this wine, one of the brewing process, and finally lead to the wine taste is clean, refreshing, containing also bring the bubble tip of tongue "hissing" high.

Kyrgyzstan to open wine, Peru
Kyrgyzstan golden Inca-opened bottle of wine, a representative of culture in ancient times, people used to worship this liquor and festival celebrations. Today, Peruvians still retains the traditional brewing process. In the distant and mysterious Andean village man, women golden fruit chew and then spit them in the pottery, the Reinforced with warm water, it can be fermented. This yellow liquid milk are in a special gourd dipper to costumes, different regions have some of the changes in taste.

Kvas, Russia
Kvas is Russia's summer drink, with bread crumbs that lead to the love of wine by the locals. Russia will put the bread in water, and then poured into large wooden fermentation basin. This mixture can also be a different taste with mint or berries ---. Liquor often large round yellow tanker to sell, customers who open the wine as long as the valve can be poured into such amber wine in their own water bottles.

Lactic acid liquor, Japan
Lactic acid is very pungent smell of liquor, because it's similar to the production process and yogurt, so named after the wine lactic acid. This wine may be brewing in Europe, the European packaging, but it has the largest audience in Japan. Lactic acid liquor can be consumed directly or mixed with other fruit juices to drink, especially in the health of those who favor the prevalence of those drinks.

Coffee liquor, the Big Island of Hawaii
Kona coffee is brewed liquor company's seasonal beer, the company cleverly grafted together two substances: alcohol and caffeine. This mixed brew, based on the Kona coffee is 100%.

Tequila with worm, Mexico
Local people to mashed fermented agave and cactus, and then, after distillation, it can lead to such a wine. But the biggest feature of this wine in the bottle is still a caterpillar. This is a special kind of process effects, the attention of customers want to eat insects, some insects are made of plastic so.

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