Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scientific research confirmed that playing FPS games can improve visual acuity

Counter-StrikeFrom the American University of Rochester researchers in "Nature - Neurology" magazine published a paper that playing fast-paced shooting game can effectively improve the level of a player's vision. People usually think, the children play games too much on the negative vision, in particular lead to myopia. However, this study shows that as "CS", "Call of Duty", "center4Dead" Games like FPS the human eye exercises are a great way to contrast sensitivity.
Visual contrast sensitivity is a measure commonly used test standards, the main study found that the human eye's ability to subtle changes in gray, for night driving, reading and other activities is critical, under normal circumstances would increase with age and gradually dissipated.
The auspices of the study, Professor University of Rochester DaphneBavelier that usually can not contrast sensitivity training, and to raise, must wear glasses or laser surgery to correct manner. However, the test found that players in the FPS flash game to jump, look for the goal and aim at the shooting process, the capacity is the best training. Although such training should not really improve the functional imaging of the human eye, but allow more efficient use of brain imaging signals to distinguish objects in the retina.
Call of DutyTo confirm this point of view, DaphneBavelier and his three colleagues conducted two tests. First, the two groups were fever gamers contrast sensitivity test, are one of a group of die-hard FPS players, while the other group games are also keen, but not playing fast-paced shooting game. Test results show that, FPS player in the contrast sensitivity test in 50% of high grade.
Of course, this result would lead to an egg or a chicken first question: What is the FPS so that they are playing better vision, or because it was good eyes so that they fell in love with shooting game? Therefore, in order to proceed to the second test, please two groups of non-FPS Games for players 50 hours of the Games of the training, the first group playing "Call of Duty" and the second group to play a non-same gorgeous screen game action. The results of the first group of players at training improve contrast sensitivity by 43%, while the second group of players, there is no upgrade.
More importantly, research has shown that this effect is not a short-term. DaphneBavelier said: "Through the training received by FPS Games contrast sensitivity enhance sustainable for several months or even years, showing that the apparent long-term effects." However, if the FPS too much fun, whether it will be counter-productive? Professor Bavelier answer is: "For the vision is not to be. But for your social life, are not allowed on the security."

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