Sunday, April 26, 2009

Irish airline to charge overweight passengers fat tax

In order to better cost savings, the Irish airline Ryanair has been racking their brains to introduce a variety of measures: First, remove the check-in counters, and then to the aircraft and charge passengers for toilet use. Today, Europe's largest low-cost airline has introduced new tactics: to charge overweight passengers "fat tax".

Internet support
Ryanair put forward a variety of online cost-saving measures and activities initiated to vote. About 10 million passengers take part in the voting, of which the "fat tax levy," the measure received the highest support rate. British "Daily Mail" Web site reported, of the various cost-saving measures, nearly one-third of those who voted in favor of obese or overweight passengers to introduce a "fat tax". Standard measure of overweight: body weight, waist circumference, the body fat index, or the body as long as the passenger handrails on both sides of contact should be an additional charge. In addition to "fat tax", the company also proposed the sale of toilet paper, smoking and non-gratuitous use of such measures as the company's Web site, but not popular.

Experts oppose
Although the Internet is very high voice, but "fat tax" was opposed to nutritionists and obesity experts, they believe that this measure is not feasible, but also discriminatory. National Obesity Forum, obesity expert David Aslan said: "The collection of 'fat tax' such a thing can not happen. Just imagine that, like Jonah Ruomu Rugby hand, simply because excessive body fat index on the need for additional pay? " He said: "Airlines have to take into account the feelings of all. That overweight passengers sitting next to people very uncomfortable indeed, but do not forget, as the seat is too small to feel overweight passengers also subject to constraints."

Company refute
Expert criticized Ryanair for the defense. McNamara said the plan applied only to "a substantial body of those that occupied the space of people around the passengers." He said that the collection of additional tax benefit to all passengers. On the one hand, "fat tax" benefits in the future to further reduce the ticket prices; On the other hand, also benefit the long term health of obese passengers. "Once the company began to impose 'fat tax' will be obese and to begin to stimulate weight loss, which is good for their health," he said. However, this has been refuted health experts, they said, such measures are to encourage people to go on a diet or exercise will not help. United Kingdom National Health Service Senior Dietitian Moya White said that in order to avoid paying "fat tax" overweight passengers may choose other airlines, rather than take measures to lose weight. "Additional tax levy to the fat will not bring about change in people's lives. To do the equivalent of 'persecution' and 'intimidation' passengers. For those who are overweight passengers, the check-post due to lack of seat belts and were forced to the needs of the length of the second security with them have been quite embarrassing, "she said.

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