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Interesting! Wicker can hold food in Japan

Interesting! Wicker can hold food in JapanPeople familiar with the Japanese costume drama of wearing hats, on crutches, carrying a suitcase Fangfang travel far and wide around the image of the Japanese probably not unfamiliar to us. This suitcase is mostly produced in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, wicker boxes, commonly known as "Liu baggage".

Toyooka wicker material is of national handicrafts, by the royal family favorite. In 2002, Crown Princess Masako to mention a wicker bag with a photo posted on the major press, no doubt believe Toyooka greatly proud of a lot of people. Of course, Toyooka is reason to be proud of: a population of only 90,000 were produced in the small town of Japan's luggage occupied 80% of the national market, not everyone can boast its own good home? Toyooka Honshu Island in Japan, the Sea of Japan to the north, is round and long-term flooding in the lower reaches of mountains formed in an alluvial. Over time, a round of wetlands near the mountains covered with wild willow on. This willow is soft, flexible, tenacious and strong, very suitable for weaving items, use it to weave something called "Salix integra works fine." To the local people are proud to play a reporter for example, that as "papyrus is the gift of the Nile to the Egyptians", as is the circle works fine Salix integra mountains to the people the gift of Toyooka.

Salix integra fine work is said to begin in the year for 27 years. To the Edo period, local officials launched a nationwide marketing, established a monopoly system, Toyooka of "Liu baggage," it became a major industry. At that time, the Japanese go visit to Yasukuni Shrine, wicker box is indispensable tools baggage. Sale of drugs in particular, the foot of the line merchants, wicker basket carried on the back to write a big "medicine" is almost word equipped with their career. In addition to travel, and would pay attention to the lords of the wicker box with Gail installed armor, in addition to a home and love wicker helmet logo emblem.
Interesting! Wicker can hold food in JapanMeiji era, the wicker box Toyooka also learn the creative way in Europe to begin production and basket handbag. Later appeared in a new type of locking package. Has a lid with a wicker basket in hand Taisho period was the dream of fashionable women do.

Interestingly, Toyooka wicker can also be used to day-to-day consumption of food equipment. Japan is a farming nation, to work from time to time to bring in the traditional box. Boxes made of wicker to absorb moisture and can be appropriate to maintain a certain humidity, which will not become sticky rice at best will not be too dry, the boxes than the effect of other materials much better. The name of such boxes is also very interesting, use the "baggage" is called the "rice Liu baggage." Even today, "Liu rice baggage" is still fishing and mountain climbing enthusiasts necessities. Do not look down on this seemingly simple wicker boxes, because it is pure hand-made, a small lunch box usually sell ¥ 16,000. If it is "Who's Who produced", the price will be high enough to ¥ 22,000, is a veritable "made out of wicker in golden rice".

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