Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Super hero online games, "Online Warriors"

Game description:
Super-heroes is the best protector of the Earth. Generation after generation of brave people to respond to the call of the Earth to protect the forces of evil will not be hurt.
At present, a lot of organizations like VIPER, ARGENT and PSI use the ultra-capacity and super-technology, the intent to steal the right to rule the world. From outer space and other dimensions of human biology is also an attempt to slavery. Takofanes frightening evil has a mysterious magic. Super scientist Teleios is also the armed forces and the clandestine manufacture of cloned super-weapon, conspiracy to control all of humanity. The robot is also planning to put Mechanon all organic life on the Earth erased from.
The biggest threat is the "Doctor Destroyer" - with evil superhero ambitions. Unless all of humanity down at him beg for mercy before, otherwise he would not give up. In 1992, he attacked the Detroit, so that ten thousand people lost their lives on. After many years in preparation, the aim of him are all mankind.
By warriors (protectors of Millennium City) led by a hero who has already begun an expedition for world peace. But they also need to add fellow human. They called for a new generation of super-heroes to join them has been against the forces of evil.
Paper as a classic RPG game "Champions" continuation, "Online Warriors" will continue "Hero City" and "rogue city" style game, players seek to ensure diversity of choice, online comics on the world experience. Innovative use of Game Development from Cryptic Engine, the game is expected to be at the spring 2009 release, there will be Xbox 360 and PC versions of both.

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