Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blizzard: the Temple system of Diablo 3 will be returned to.

New Diablo 3 monster: Shaman sinkBlizzard in the latest official visit BlizzCast, Blizzard released "Diablo 3" The new screen, the player can see the role of field equipment, user interface screen talent and skills. At the official interview, "Diablo 3", director of Games for gamers JayWilson Temple of concern to distinguish between systems and equipment to do the appropriate question to answer:
- A random field system will return to the Temple Diablo 3?
JayWilson: some aspects of the Temple are at the likes of us. Temple of the Temple experience is perhaps the first application of the prototype, it can quickly upgrade the players and give players Level pleasure. The number of monsters, though a small shrine, but players can not predict what direction it will appear in this set is very cool. But overall, we do not want to copy the previous set, that is, the temple simply no reason to randomly appear in the game.We need to do now is to the Temple system, with our better games and systems integration in the case together. Even when you do a random mission triggered or random events, it is also has the connotation of the story inside, just as you finish the task in the process of inadvertently trigger and cause the appearance of the temple, like the back! We are now trying to Temple of the system will be the most fun part of the adoption of a new form of the return game, so, from speaking at the technical level, yes you will see a totally different system of the Temple.
- At the game that we can experience the pleasure of random events?
JayWilson: Yes, the temple is indeed added to the stochastic game, and give the game some mission brought about by uncertainties. But on the whole, the process to really affect the game, we basically did not think Temple can do this?
- Games shortcut keys for the settings are for each of the key skills to have their own spaces like World of Warcraft or the like are free to set up?
JayWilson: shortcut keys for the settings, they are bound to be diverse and this diversity will be reflected in different aspects. When you play diablo2 At the time, you can go to your shortcut keys used to set up. At diablo3, we will expand this regard, not only can you carry out in accordance with the preferences you set up skills, you will be able to achieve more freedom, just like World of Warcraft such as online games. Therefore, you can be based on your habits or skills to set up preferences.
We are now more concerned about the construction of factor through the players player of the shortcut keys to operate. Players really want to do in accordance with the tastes of the puppet to components belong to their mode of operation. But we will absolutely not mandatory mode of operation, just like "Hey, this is the barbarians, you must follow these shortcut keys to operate." Give us only a basic set, you can belong to self-configure your own shortcuts. Shortcut key skills qualification, it will not be the Diablo series, nor do we want the game to operate. If it's our goal, that is more liberal than diablo2.

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