Saturday, April 4, 2009

Can be seen everywhere, Poland multifunctional tube ads

In Warsaw, the streets, some taken at the junction of each street, one may have the top tube seems to have no housing of the building. At first glance, feels like boxes magnified several times, can be to turn back and forth a few, have not seen the trust I can have. Without exception, all cylinders are covered with a variety of paper, posters. Advertisement originally called this tube thing, that is specifically prepared to allow people to paste the ads.
In fact, many European countries have set up ads in the street practice of tube, but On the density and characteristics, I am afraid that no country has won more than Poland. Extinguishers are ads in Poland are private, want to set up ads to get the first barrel of the local government agreed to pay the Government land-use fees, to obtain a certain number of years of land tenure, the sense of the word to out to lease and let others pay to post ads .
Advertisement tube almost all the cities in Poland, but the ads all over the tube in the form and the content posted on there is a huge difference. Warsaw, many of the ads painted green tube, style quite satisfactory, above densely covered with a variety of ads, posters ... ... in general are not torn off the old and new and has been affixed, and levels the barrel overlay ads look so than the actual rough up a lot of want.

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