Friday, April 3, 2009

The more fun the more hot springs, Iceland secret of longevity

Special geographical structure makes underground heat rolling Iceland, Iceland is only 800 have a number of natural hot springs, water temperature can reach 75 degrees Celsius. Icelandic households are hot water, open water can wash a hot spring bath.
Icelanders enjoy open-air swimming, of course, YOU are at Hot Springs Village. The majority of Icelanders born a few months, the study by their parents to the hot springs for swimming. Open-air swimming pool in Iceland are the most popular social sites. People here will encounter politicians, entrepreneurs and artists. People to take off his shirt swimsuit is loaded, there was no difference between occupation and identity, to restore a person's character, so regardless of proper business talk or chat, everyone is very relaxed attitude, emotional communication easier.In Iceland, hot young men and women become the best place to love, love the pond in the open-air hot spring lovers can not only relatively honest, and hot spring water that can also warm up the feelings of lovers. Gluck said the Friends of Iceland, "Iceland to winter tourism, and soak in a hot spring bath is a must-have item." Gluck said that unlike Iceland, Finland spa bath of ice and fire, as two different worlds, that is, to the sauna "diathermancy" on the status of one of the ice water into the near zero, the boost too much, is very dangerous. Icelandic hot spring bath is gradually increased to take into the three incremental heating temperature of the process, which has skin and cardiovascular protection.
Winter in Iceland, if a guest at the invitation of friends go home, hospitality to the public hot springs spa is basically a fixed item, but are home to a hot spring bath that is absolutely first-class treatment protocol, one now has more and more of a private hot spring bath fewer Icelanders are only two in honor of their elders and good friend from afar when they requested the guests to eat their own hot spring baths and hot springs chat.
Gluck said that the Icelanders one of the secrets of longevity is to adhere to the hot springs.

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