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Water-splashing Festival in Hungary, the girl in the water

Bring Easter eggs, rabbits natural elements is indispensable, and Hungary in Eastern Europe who have had a strange Easter customs --- water. In Hungary on the calendar, Easter Sunday and Monday, two days, and this Monday, also known as "water on Monday."

The first girl to soak in the water
Water on Monday, this day, young girls who have to water, while the girls will be boys to the eggs, flowers and other small gifts, it is said in this way in order to meet the fresh start of spring full of vitality. Hungary had the first Easter is not water, but the girl simply pulled a small river or pond to soak them in water. Different regions in Hungary, the water also have their own custom features. Szeged in southern rural areas, boys will put a bucket in the street chasing a girl, or disguised as bandits like them, "kidnapped," rushed to the well or river, the whole barrel to the irrigated on them. In the north, young man dressed in national costume at the Sunday evening of the girl's home to request eggs, bacon and sausage, the next day and dressed the girls a new place to an appointment with dinner, and the boys would also like to put the egg shell has been unhappy with the girl making the next window, and then did not finish and get good pub food for wine. Then the boys began splashing the programs. Girls try to go into hiding, the girl was found was taken to the well is necessary to accept the "baptism." The next day, the girls will come together to find ways of water to the boys who carried out "revenge crazy".

Fire engines joined the army of water
Water baptism and the religious appear to some correlation, but the Hungarian people believe that this custom originated in the legend of the Christ. It is said that after the resurrection of Jesus, the news spread in Jerusalem. Sentenced to the death of Jesus Province of the Roman Empire, the Jewish former residence of the Executive to have a market, where people talk about the morning of the resurrection of Jesus matter. Voice of the altercation outside the house so that he could not sleep, so he water to the people, to get rid of the them. There are kinds of argument is that the soldiers guard the tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem to prevent the spread of women around the news of the resurrection of Jesus, to those women who break up their water. Well water as a result of people being thrown from time to time after the illness caused by cold, Hungary does not have direct access to the basic cold water and more water with the bottle, which also joined the perfume, some full of perfume, sprinkling of the girls hair. Some people in rural areas can not afford to buy perfume, soap made with a "perfume" by adding a "water civilization" in the ranks. In recent years, at Easter, Hungary will be a number of local fire brigade opened fire engines out on the streets or open the door of the courtyard fountain to the woman. It was even bottled foam spray cream onto the hair on girls ... ...

Listening to "water song" indispensable
Of course, the custom has not only young people, adult men are to women in this day and the hair on the sprinkler body. Administrative and business units are spirits of men after the Easter holidays in the first working day, but also to the hair of my female colleagues, perfume habit. In schools, teachers and boys in the holidays after the end of the first day of water will be to the girls. Hungarian water over Easter has become the local characteristics, then each will attract a large number of tourists. Hungary and listen to the "water song" has become indispensable items visitors. Boys on the road or go to the girl at the door, shouting with joy to have everyone read the familiar folk song, "I'm on the road early in the morning, it is now hungry; feet have been going very tired Let me just give you water; white rabbit, red eggs, sprinkle water to pro-End your face".

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