Tuesday, April 28, 2009

South Korean new bill: Minors may not play games late at night

A few days ago in South Korea to limit the time for minors to play games of the bill was submitted to the Congress.

South Korean Choi Young-hee, the Democratic Party to submit to Congress Members Protection Act, part of the youth corrections bill to limit the content of the main minors of time playing games. According to the bill said the Games should be a minor or his guardian's request, limit the time the game account. It is reported that the bill contains two programs. Are restricted day time and may not play games late at night (night 12:00 - as early as 6 pm) to play games. If you use the first option, the day time is set to a maximum of four hours, after over four hours will be automatically logged out, the use of the second program, the evening as early as 12 o'clock to the 6:00 game will not be able to enter.

The bill, the South Korea game company is still in wait-and-see attitude. After all, which has been mentioned before, will be in accordance with the contents of the bill and again through the feasibility of the corresponding preparation. Korean game company, a related source, agreed to indulge in the game to prevent minors. But even minor restrictions on the account, but also the use of additional countermeasures, such as account login. Therefore, if the bill to achieve tangible results, the program needs some substance. That the bill alone is difficult to achieve tangible results, the need for (bill) and the game company's communication.

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