Friday, April 24, 2009

"Jump Gate: Evolution," the latest game screenshot

Codemasters has just released a "Jump Gate: Evolution" the latest screenshots and the original painting game set.

Network in this space, the players will have most of the time spent in the space of warships. Dizzy cool naturally have the largest warships will become the pride of players. Screenshots released from the lease, the developer NetDevil in the design of warships spent a lot of thought.

"Jump Gate: Evolution" provides a fun and creative gameplay, new AI system, players can immerse yourself in the game world in a variety of roles. This game has all the updated image, which also increase as much as possible for players to provide more weapons, more focus on PvE, the role is also more clearly defined. At the same time, the game features both a social network, players can have their own space station, in the economic system can be controlled in accordance with updated data for the top players compete. Players can also use the pages can be customized to create their own small force. In the playability of the game, easy operability and picture quality has been perceived to improve.

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