Thursday, April 16, 2009

14 Day Battlefield OL closed testing, pre-empt nearly 300,000 registered players

Battlefield Online Game Screenshots
Battlefield Online Game ScreenshotsElectronic Arts Neowiz developed in cooperation with the online first-person shooter game "Battlefield Online" 14 to meet the start for the first time in South Korea closed testing, today announced the results of player recruitment, a total of 282,000 applications for players to participate in closed testing, showed that South Korean players on this highly concerned about the game.

Neowiz, said an official from April 2-12 to recruit players to participate in closed testing is scheduled to participate in the recruitment of 5 thousands of IC packaging and testing for the first time, resulting in 280,002 received thousands of players sign up to competition in the ratio of 56:1.

Of these, 46% of all applicants to participate in closed testing had been played "Battlefield" series of stand-alone version of the new online map of expression for the high expectations. Applications to participate in closed testing age to a maximum of 19-30 years of age, accounting for 51%.

"Battlefield Online" official network "your" Battlefield Online "expectations" questionnaire survey, in answer to which of the 15,709 players, 39% of players would like a 64-player online real-time operations at the same time fun, 28% of the players for diverse set of interest, as 14% look forward to the emergence of new games.

Neowiz that they apply for participation in IC packaging and testing from the fierce competition, you can feel the players of "Battlefield Online" strong concern, and has been closed ready for the test, then wait for gamers to experience.

"Battlefield Online" 14 to 20 in South Korea closed the first phase of testing, the number of participants and opening up to 5 people.

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