Thursday, April 30, 2009

Google to take shape, such as letters of the alphabet space photos

Google to take shape, such as letters of the alphabet space photosAccording to British media reports, since Google launched "Google Earth" service, a large number of users from a large number of satellite photographs found in a number of peculiar landscape on Earth. Recently, the United Kingdom, a man searching through a long period of time, the full 26 letters of the alphabet and the shape is very similar to Google Zhao Wei space.

The man called Hurt, his long period of time browsing through the search, and finally from the "Google Earth" according to The Guardian in the space with the full 26 letters of the alphabet similar to form pictures of the ground scene. Hurt said that Google Earth is indeed a lot of magic to complete discovery, including the previously discovered in the forests of Mozambique, where there are many human beings had never known of a new species, it is also found in ancient Rome, where the style of the villa site. However, from the tens of thousands of photos and letters of the alphabet to find the ground appearance is similar to the scene, apparently is not an easy task. "Google Earth" in 2005, officially launched the world's users. It has satellite images, aerial photography and geographic information systems arranged in a three-dimensional model of the Earth, the user can free the world of high-resolution satellite images, including several major cities in the world picture of the street. According to statistics, now the Google Earth site has been about 4 million people visited. Users from the Google homepage to download the latest version of the "Google Earth" can be obtained free of charge "Google Ocean." The latest version of "Google Earth" to help users "in-depth" Harbor, "submarine tour" around the crater on the seabed, "hovering" over the vessel in the accident, "fly" in the mountains above the ocean floor. The software can also show the protection of the marine area, the user can with a satellite tracking system for follow-up study of marine animals. "Google Ocean" not only for scientists to provide reference data, but also to meet the ordinary people "flying" the wishes of the underwater world, people will have the opportunity in the Red Sea and the Great Barrier Reef diving and other well-known areas of virtual "diving." Google also plans to adopt the tool, publish the data on climate change, to show how climate change is affecting the oceans.

Archaeologists have had several times in the "Google Earth" found the help of historical monuments. In March 2008, the National University of La Rioja Argentina, archaeologists announced that they use Google map satellite navigation Department found more than a dozen of several hundred years of history of ancient Indian architectural monuments. With "Google Earth" software, archaeologists have found in Afghanistan by about 450 archaeological sites, these sites are thousands of years ago about the time. In "Google Earth" to provide the satellite images, the archaeologists have even found several thousand abandoned villages of Afghanistan, the camp site, small castles, cemeteries, reservoirs and sewers and other places. Although the "Columbia Valley Earth" can help scientists to carry out archaeological exploration, but mostly for the archaeological work of the planning stage, is used to determine the need for further investigation on the ground location. Scientists believe that the "Columbia Valley Earth" there is archaeological potential negative side, that is, some predators can also use the software to detect possible target.

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