Monday, April 13, 2009

Will become a "ghost town" of eight cities

The disappearance of reasons: migration

From 1950 until now, Detroit's population has been reduced by 1 / 3, about 950,000, together with the regional unemployment rate remained above 10%, if the situation continues, 2100 will become "empty."
San FranciscoSan Francisco
The disappearance of reasons: the earthquake

University of California, researchers predicted that in 2086 took place before the San Francisco earthquake seven or more opportunities for up to 75%.
Naples, ItalyNaples, Italy
The disappearance of reasons: a volcanic eruption

Vesuvius, Naples is located in the Strait, every outbreak of the first century, 400 million people, there are 500,000 in the "red" area, if not it will no doubt kill the evacuation.
Venice, ItalyVenice, Italy
The disappearance of reasons: the sinking

The "water capital" of the Venice, sinking 24 centimeters over the past hundred years, the Government has increased the water level of confrontation came, but the effectiveness of the unknown.
Mexico City, MexicoMexico City, Mexico
The disappearance of reasons: lack of water, sinking

Mexico City is located in the water layer on top, is facing a crisis of sinking slowly, residents more water, they sink faster. If all the water pumped to do, the city will disappear.
Banjul, GambiaBanjul, Gambia
"Disappear" reasons: to enhance the sea level

Raise sea levels is the phenomenon of globalization, the Gambia, the small country in western Africa, they are faced with the capital of Banjul has been increasing coverage of water and even the danger of erosion.
Ivanovo, RussiaIvanovo, Russia
"Disappear" reasons: to reduce the population

The former Soviet-era textile center, about 448,000 of the population, but since 1990, the female population than men, a declining birth rate, mortality increased sharply and so the reasons for the population, coupled with the increasing movement of young people to the near Moscow, the city has all modern industrial can not see.
Timbuktu, MaliTimbuktu, Mali
"Disappear" reasons: Desertification

Desertification, that is, gradually the sand dunes in the desert oasis to cover up, the southern edge of the Sahara desert in several cities have experienced this kind of threat, which is the biggest crisis of Timbuktu. This historical city of more than 1000 years, some areas have been half buried in the sand.

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