Friday, April 3, 2009

Because indulgence PS Games,a British woman was killed by her husband

GTA Games funny famous comic cover poorThis is not a sure Fool's Day joke, but if this is the case is a tragedy: A has three child of the United Kingdom mother because obsessed with the PlayStation game"GTA" and killed by her husband.
Lincolnshire MalcolmPalmer from the United Kingdom LongSutton, aged 62, the United Kingdom Heathrow Airport are retired workers, and 46-year-old wife CarolCannom have to live together for more than 30 years, but after since the 10-year-old son James bought a PlayStation Game the husband-wife relationship on the tension.
The court was told Lincolnshire, Palmer usually late at night on PlayStation, and then took over the Cannom, will always Stay up to five or six o'clock in the morning before it is prepared to sit back and indulge in acts that are extremely dissatisfied with Palmer so that he even trust his wife, an affair with an outsider. Time in November last year, Cannom request Palmer go out, and he threatened to never allow their children to see you, which infuriated Palmer.
The night of the incident, Palmer with two knives at his wife stabbed him more than 20 knives. Son, James witnessed the tragedy of the 999 police telephone calls, and then Palmer grabbed the phone, the operator said: "I beg your pardon. I think I killed her."
Defense lawyer Timothy Spencer QC said the court: "Obviously the cause of the tragedy of the Units are PlayStation game consoles."
The case will be three this week at local time trial, Palmer had confessed to the crime.

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