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Spring in the Netherlands, looking for a black tulip

Given the choice, I will at this spring, and his beloved people to the Netherlands, have a go and see the magic land of tulips. Since tulips are the Flower: expression of love.
Artificial bless of the flower god.
If the tulips on behalf of love, then the world's largest tulip garden --- Keukenhof, perhaps this spring are the most romantic place of love. This one into the garden, surrounded by thousands of you is the color of Spring splicing, are numerous rendering Fenfang Chunxiang, are endless sound of spring birds together, what have been the spring surrounded by more than fills one with this love? Romantic and so quietly flowing tulip flowers in the colorful, the debauchery circulation without saying.
Like most Disney attractions are the same as Princess Parade Prince, Spring Park in the Netherlands, the annual Parade (April 25, 2009) is also the most talked about flowers experience.Up to 40 kilometers away from the procession, dozens of vehicles decorated with flowers and hundreds of millions of dollars from the float slowly through the countryside in the Netherlands, the band lead the way by car, car security has carriage. And flower cars, the most dazzling smile or girl, they spread like a spring flower in the light of God, left over after Fenfang Drive. Fortunate to have their love blessed people smile, because access to the world will be blessed and happy in forever. After the float parade at Keukenhof culminate when the paragraphs in the joy and flowers have become obsessed with the ocean and the intoxicated.
Unique look for a black tulip.
Walking through the flowers in Keukenhof, want tens of millions of you can walk carefully, accidentally in full bloom in this colorful flowers everywhere will give a color you get. If you are here and love together, we might as well go look for colorful legend of the black tulip.Colorful tulips and changeable, with red, yellow, purple most popular. But the opening of the black tulip flower, but rare as a rare, are presented to the most unique gift lover. The 19th century, French writer Alexandre Dumas novel written by the legendary "black tulip" flower that praise "painfully beautiful to not open the eyes, a perfect people to breath." In fact, the black tulip flower opened and was not really black, it is like a rose, like black, but dark red to purple purple only, such as the Netherlands, produced by the "widow Yen Dai," "peerless beauty," "Black Queen "and other varieties.
Park in the spring tulips and plants in very limited quantity, would like to see their faces, not only required outstanding eye with a unique taste, and sometimes need a little bit of fate. Once you've found it, followed by surprise, not only are happy, you will also find that this search process is a purification of the soul of man and nature awareness, to pay for the experience of love.
Soaking in the spring garden.
Spring Park has been a huge strip of numerous parcels Hanada, If there is enough time, and your lover together in the flower field around the shuttle, the pace must be slow spring. Hanada long, undoubtedly the best means of transport is the bicycle. Everywhere in the Netherlands have a bicycle rental shop, as long as the point of intersection deposit, will be able to freely surf the flower field.Park in the independent character of the tulip, suitable to capture the moment with close-ups. Hanada in the tens of thousands of trees and flowers together, although the lack of personality, but it was a pleasant surprise. Or a single solid color, such as rainbow or like the same attraction. A gust of wind swept through, Hanada color waves roll in on the waves, between heaven and earth as a giant palette. You can always drop a bike, and you love to go with that one the most beautiful middle Hanada, casually pressing the shutter to record that the original, soaring romantic. Ride along the old windmills have from time to time, squeak squeak Guangyou Guangyou to rotate slowly, and quietly telling people to love the great silent love.
River cruise is another bubble in the spring garden a good way. This cruise also a good name, is called whisper boat, very suitable to be other people do not want to disturb the lovers. Murmur use electric engine-driven boat, at the intersection of water criss-cross paths on the road quietly navigation, environmental protection and quiet, in the flower fields except passing ripple, leaving no traces.Murmur Micromelalopha previously gardener, flower gardener and work in the field of the instrument, and later became the new favorite of tourists. In the shuttle at Hanada, compared with in Venice, but also do not have a taste. Since this time over at the reflection of who you are not building the Middle Ages, but beautiful tulips. Once in a while to see the girls dressed in national dress riding a bicycle from the side, like a flash like a spring breeze and have said that they also dazzling smile of sunshine, and you are the witness of the sweetest love.
TIPS: tulip End Park after the tour, do not forget to buy some tulip bulbs. As long as the previous year before the frost flower bulbs into 7-8 cm under the soil, and then you can be patient with lovers of the coming year, the spring flowers Amberpack of love.

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