Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The WOW first trade union extension throws AION the bosom

"AION" soon starts in the European clothing's BETA test, NCSoft invited specially sets the record of innumerable merit evil portents trade union Ensidia in "WOW" to carry on the promotion. So long as you in the behind receipt “Iwantto play the Aion EUbeta”, have the opportunity to obtain account number one, limits the quantity 50.
AIONIn the European and American game market, these are known as “the WOW murderer” MMO dies very much completely miserably, therefore NCSoft robs Peter to pay Paul actually the wise move. The rejection high-sounding talk's slogan, lets another domain king for ours product propaganda, has the ruthless character behind a gentle appearance effect very much. Is willing to help why as for Ensidia, actually the main page following introduction writes very much clearly: is an onlinecommunityfor MMO Gamers from aroundtheworld. Others appetite greatly ......99% are “I want to play the AionEUbeta”, is really magnificent ......Also certainly, does not want “maintains the formation” to have, for instance this: I dont want to play the Aion EU beta…
The WOW first trade union extension throws AION the bosom
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