Friday, June 19, 2009

The Japanese adults play for six months to go on the market blatantly

In the near future all quarters will be very large to the Japanese sentiment color game's dispute. Is the first women's rights organization initiates the protest, afterward is ten thousand plays the family online to denounce, but the Chinese Hong Kong Aspect Related Organization also makes the serious protest to state, under various aspects' pressure, the Japanese aspect also finally responds, replied the related organization's protest to state officially, and released a series of stipulations to use in restraining our country the sentiment color game enterprise.

However recently, “famous” Crazy men cable car series game, also appears blatantly in Japanese various clathrias buys in the store.
痴漢電車男外伝~伝説へのチェイサーProtested that the event " knew wrong by the Japanese aspect can change " considers the conclusion finally, simultaneously Japan's computer games software ethics organization on June 4 announced that the revision examination standard, by forbade to have the seductive series computer games' manufacture and the sell comprehensively. However, the massive sentiment color game still flooded in Japan's network commercial city, even some section becomes is the target of public criticism "Wolf of the Cable car" sells in advance outrageously.
痴漢電車男外伝~伝説へのチェイサーThis set named "痴漢電車男外伝~伝説へのチェイサー" the sentiment color game, is similar by the cable car and the crazy men series, but formerly ILLUSION Corporation legitimate continued by no means does, but promotes by Guilty+ the fellow-students of the same department work, the CG picture which announces from the game, the content really indecently. The selling price is 2980 Japanese Yen, will land the PC platform on June 26.
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