Monday, June 1, 2009

The US government unrestrained gambling General Motors, “bottom pouring” 50,000,000,000

The general board of directors prepares on the company to assign the operation to decide finally, field universal anticipated general on June 1 formal application chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The US General Motors on May 29 starts two day-long board of directors conference, prepares to assign the operation on the company to decide finally. Although the general management at present is not willing to confirm, but the field will anticipate this family US biggest automobile producer generally on June 1 the formal application chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Optimistic anticipated

The US Washington Post on May 30 reported that an American Ministry of Finance preliminary appraisal believed that completes the reorganization, after general will recover gradually, becomes the automobile industry powerful competitor, the optimistic estimate may help the Federal state in 5 years to plan investment nearly 50,000,000,000 US dollar aid fund “the returns qualification”.

Pessimistic question

However, this government officials remind, the above estimate is possible, because the situation changes to present the change, this is also precisely the situation which some assessment report question worried. Washington Post quotes some market analyst's words to report that after using in common such big automobile giant struggles the such long time, moves toward the bankruptcy finally, expected that it can the rapid rebirth be not too realistic. the market analyst worried, once general falls into the difficult position once more, then the government large amount aid possible initial capital not to turn over.

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