Friday, June 12, 2009

14 year-old girl pats the sexy title page according to cause the dispute

14 year-old girl pats the sexy title page according to cause the disputeThe magazine cover publication sex appeal illuminates common, but "One Convenience" unexpectedly by year only 14 years old but the underage young girl, puts on a translucence, and soaks the night clothes picture takes the title page, the event vibrates the educational circles. Hong Kong education advisory council approves impeaches, this report involves the child pornography, the procedure has violates the media personal integrity. This young girl is three person of young girls combine “Cream” member Li, she sits in the water exhibits each kind of posture facing the lens, the dressed carcass is partly visible. This report said that Li is photographs the related picture under mother's accompaniment.

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Anonymous said...

the picture has such a wonderful energy, its amazing what some of these younger girls can project to a camera ... fashion photographers search for this kinda stuff all their lives , its fresh and full of life.

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