Saturday, June 6, 2009

Imitates GTA the network to play "All Points Bulletin"

At the E3 exhibition, EA announced that obtains imitates the network which "GTA" designs to play "All Points Bulletin" own power of attorney, estimated that will promote in next year in the PC platform.

A section of completely open style network game which by the `GTA'YIXILIE game "All Points Bulletin" is becomes famous the DAVID JONES leadership team which develops, already developed four year long time. This is one section of modern metropolis theme network game. Plays the family to be possible to put on the fashionable clothing in the game, the composition faction, chooses or evil fights for the justice. EA high-level COO indicated: “"All Points Bulletin" is a completely open hypothesized world, simultaneously will also will certainly to establish one kind of new network game type.”

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