Saturday, June 13, 2009

The research discovered that the fresh flower may avoid committing a theft, the Tokyo residents plant flowers against thief

A Japanese Tokyo's area to prevent the thief “the patronage”, summoned that the resident nearby two and oneself room plants the fresh flower before the street. This decision from an investigation: The planter fresh flower's block thief commits a crime the frequency to be low.

The Tokyo Suginamiku's official introduced to the media that “plants flowers against thief” the activity to begin in three years ago, plants more fresh flowers on the street to be possible to let the people line of sight as for excessively not pause in the inhabited area, more will pay attention to the flowers and plants trees, or will water for them. this official said that prevent crime's best means are let the people put the attention to water flowers plant flowers on, as soon as comes to be possible to avoid idling about committing a theft, two come to be possible to raise people's interest hobby.

Suginamiku has the population about 530,000, enters the inner rooms the burglary event formation rate to be quite high. The highest year was in 2002, altogether had 1710 to enter the inner rooms the burglary, hereafter this area official advanced gradually “plants flowers against thief” the activity, robbery quantity also year by year decreases progressively. This area official said that the reason that wants “to plant flowers against thief”, is based on to approaches the community the investigation: Fresh flower many blocks, enter the inner rooms the burglary to be short a lot compared to the bare block. Therefore Suginamiku starts to mobilize the community residents and the volunteer plants flowers both sides the street. In order to prevent the robbery to occur, this area “the ruthless under initial capital”, the entire district altogether has 9600 wish patrolmen, on the street altogether installs has 200 cameras, this area official every day will also use electricity to the resident the mail transmission “the daily case notification”.

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