Monday, June 8, 2009

Brown will give a speech the slip in speech the Omaha beach to talk into Obama

The allied armies Normandy Landing 65th anniversary commemorative ceremony on 6th is being located at the French Binhai small town Koller Vyell's US military public cemetery to be held grandly. British Prime Minister Brown the Normandy Landing main battlefield “the Omaha beach” will talk into “the Obama beach” by mistake during the speech, makes one not know whether to laugh or cry.

According to the local media reported that Brown at that time was says like this: “stands is being away from the Obama (Omaha) beach so near here, we with Austria Pama president the same place, to died express our heartfelt respect in the Omaha beach American soldier's dauntless spirit.” Besides Brown and American president Obama, the main points of administration on the scene also have French President Sa Keqi, Canadian Premier Harper and British Crown Prince Charles. Many French to see Obama with own eyes, then arrives early moves the scene, grasps the American national flag to be on the tiptoe of expectation. It is reported that for the guarantee various countries leader safety, the French government has deployed 2500 to 3000 police and the military police. Perhaps Obama's superelevation human spirit, as well as Britain domestic “reimburses the gate” the scandal to let Brown feel the dual pressures, therefore presented the slip in speech also on the nothing to wonder.

The Normandy Landing is the Second World War's important turning point. Although the allied armies pay the serious price for this reason, but succeeded opened the second battlefield, to counter-attack and defeat Nazi Germany to pave the way finally.

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