Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"StarTrek Online" will issue before 2010

StarTrek OnlineAccording to the Atari newest announcement's financial statement, science fiction MMORPG which "StarTrek" will reorganize according to the movie of the same name "StarTrek OL" before 2010 issued.

The network game which hotly "StarTrek OL" is according to broadcasts the American soap opera which "StarTrek" reorganizes. In the game the hypothesis has 7 kind of different races, each race also has 3 kind of different dispositions for to play the family to choose, has certainly included the knowledge humanity or the tile is willing the human. Plays the family in other MMORPG to choose the occupation or the social class from the very beginning, in this does, those who play the family to choose is “the specialty”. These specialties including flight control, science, medicine, project, or security. However all plays the families to accept the field training, therefore plays the family not to need to worry that oneself has not fought ability.

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