Tuesday, June 30, 2009

With the semi-coke body the food and wine, the Indian Crematory's worker was accused immediately

North Indian capital New Delhi Haya accepts the province public-operated crematory worker when drinking wine, unexpectedly will not have cremated the corpse tows from the fire of high-piled firewood, does for the food that goes well with wine.

It is reported that the police quoted eyewitness's words saying that the crematory was the mother who household others died carries on the cremation ceremony, because the cremation had still not finished until the evening, the bereaved in paid money hands over waited for the processing cremation after a worker the cleaning up business departed.

It is reported that eyewitness is the crematory security guard, according to refers to, after the bereaved departs, has 3 crematory workers in the night to arrive at the scene in addition, 4 people gather are cremating the scene to drink wine. Soon, saw suddenly one of them arrives at nearby the fire of high-piled firewood, the pull-off not yet completely cremates the corpse, 4 people eat the corpse meat.

Receives the security guard who frightens to notify the crematory Management committee immediately, the bereaved learned, also brings large quantities of populace, beats to 4 workers, catches up with until the police rescues the next 4 people. The police by disrespect to the dead, blaspheme the religious rite, to violate the moral rule and to be derelict and so on charges, mentions the accusation to 4 people.

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