Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Diablo 3" the gem may cover, astronomically will vanish

Diablo 3On BN some net friends proposed whether in D3 can, in you have the hole goods to carry on the crustification spring a confirmation prompt frame before some. This net friend said that oneself play D2 time once many times was not careful that mounted middle the extraordinary equipment trash. Regarding this Bashiok has given the following answer.


Well, a confirmation, I can't be too sure of. We're probably not going to be dealing with items that are anywhere near as astronomically rare as some of the Diablo II runes, and I think it's probably fairly likely that you'll be able to overwrite what's in a socket just by placing a new gem over the old one (destroying it in the process). So, you can still screw up, true, but it probably won't be nearly as devastating - and fixing a mistake should be pretty easy.

A confirmation is a possibility when the stakes of placing the items become too costly to get wrong.

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