Sunday, June 21, 2009

To Scotland, cannot carry off the stone

In imagination Scotland has filled the joyful place, the abundant harvest season, the people probably will wear the check tutu, was playing the bagpipe, shakes hand the organ, the happy song danced in the farmland. Afterward named "Brave Heart" the movie, let the people see the Scotland soul-stirring blood and iron tender feelings. When truly enters here, feels is actually this is been called “country of the old castle” the historical insincerity and the mysticalness.

Statistics indicated that the old castle which Scotland goes down in history has 1185. In the Edinburgh castle, has the block mystical stone, is called “stone of the destiny”, it is Scotland king ascends the throne the time to tread the stone, robs in the war by the English people. Since then, this seemed and the commonplace stone has become Scotland and England could not hit the long lawsuit. Until the years, this stone only then returned Scotland. The blue bonnet regards “stone of the destiny” for the sacred thing, is invariable to its respect several centuries, has become Scotland to symbolize representative.

It is said that in former days Scotland from became a country, after that invaded by the English people and the nordic, the blue bonnet to protect ancestor's grave, therefore has distributed a curse: “every takes away the ancient grave region the stone, must meet the misfortune.”Hereafter evolves cannot carry off Scotland's any stone.

It is said once had the foreign tourist to travel to Scotland, picks a weight two pound stone to go home, had not thought that just got the home, the daughter then to fall breaks the leg, after he is on leave, does over the first day, has been dismissed by the employer, afterward his wife big sickness. By now he remembered that block the stone which brings from Scotland, therefore mails back the stone for Edinburgh the Travel agency, and narrated their misfortune, after hoping the restore stone, may expel the misfortune.

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