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How should the babies and infants early time education carry on

1st, how should the mother carry on to baby's early education?

Many guardians when the child just will speak carried on the early education, expected that soon will develop the intelligence. Actually, this has not calculated early, is in the babyhood in the child, only knew eats time which and rests should carry on the intelligence development.

The babyhood child and the mother contact many, this heavy responsibility falls naturally on the mother body. The Japanese scholars have carried on the research discovery regarding this, the regular early education should begin in many kinds of exchanges between maternal infant's, this includes the sense of touch, visual, the sense of smell and the sense of hearing exchange as well as looks at baby memory book together with the baby. The mother does not want, because rhythm of life quick and so on all sorts of reasons, has neglected the small treasure. Do not forget that the baby needs the mother to lead him to know the new world which fills loves.

2nd, the child intelligence development has the critical period?

US renowned psychologist Blume carries on the track observation to the nearly thousand babies and infants, is grown-up until them, and wrote observational study's result "Humanity Characteristic Stable And Change" this book. His basic conclusion is: 5 year old of before is the child intelligence development rapid time. He said that although each person intelligence development's direction is various, but explained with the concept, if 17 years old time the human achieves the mental level decides as 100%, then after being born previous 4 year he to obtain 50% intelligences, to 8 years old when has obtained 80%, obtains 20% from 8~17 years old. Blume's research results were considered that is 20 year most meaningful education research. He “5 year old of before before is “the intelligence which the intelligence development's quickest time” and the school age, namely 7 years old, obtains accounts for 80%” to become the internationally recognized judgment. Obviously, must enhance the baby intelligence, the early education is the way that must be taken, looked that baby memory book is the most important. The appropriate early education can make child's intelligence quotient to enhance 30, namely rises two ranks, causes the ordinary ability to become the person with outstanding ability, the person with outstanding ability becomes the talent, but the weak ability can also become the ordinary ability.

3rd, the early education can be spoils by trying to be too helpful?

The scientific research indicated: The early study will not only not harm the cerebrum, on the contrary, will also promote cerebrum's growth. That kind of worry early time education can cause the cerebrum “the excess load” to damage the cerebrum, the tell on health the view not to have any basis. Has the individual child prodigy to be early young, is one kind of accidental matter, cannot seek has the regular thing. On the contrary, has the massive instances to indicate that but actually the precocity “the child prodigy” the mean lifetime is higher than the average person.

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