Sunday, June 14, 2009

GM decided that does not let the dealer sell other brand automobile

According to "the Detroit News" reported that applied for the chapter 11 bankruptcy protection the American GM Car company to inform it about 4000 the continuing appropriation GM automobile's dealer, the company no longer to allow them to sell other brands the automobile, the seller must stop this kind of transaction behavior by the end of this year.

GM Corporation was in charge of the market service and marketing vice-president Mark in gives "the Detroit News" in a newspaper letter said that the company hoped its dealer other brand automobile which demonstrated the shop in all withdraws from before December 31, and can only demonstrate GM in the present in the shop the brand the automobile. GM Corporation indicated that it will reduce in US's dealers from present 6500 to approximately 4000. At present, in not in the dealer who reduces, approximately some 90% had agreed that accepts GM to set each kind of request. But GM announced reduces in the dealer, 75% dealers indicated agreed accepts GM the decision.

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