Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who is obscene and is vulgar?


Who is obscene and is vulgar?

The life in today's China, the crotch mother in every possible way is showing loving care for our all, carries on “the compassion intervention” once for a while, even has involved stratification planes and so on right which to the adult physiological drive, individual privacy and was lovesick, the hand really extends too long?

Some people said that “google” contrary, has provided the search obscene and the vulgar content channel, the baidu is very lofty, has shielded many words and expressions, the personal name, and even writes an article the use erroneous character in the network to become one kind of habit. Our society really very chaste is very lofty? How does that China's pornographic industry being employed population occupy first in the world to explain? Every year has tens of billions government money expenditures at least how, in the pornography does expend on also explains?

If we (will not have privilege and government money disbursement authority national) tomorrow have been obscene, has been vulgar, that will be also what kind of?

We have not spent the government money to look for young lady; We have not forced the people female; We have not devastated the young girl; We have not had a concubine; We have not expended to the overseas red-light district and return to homeland to reimburse; We the movie director, the singing star, the actor have not gotten so far as on the bed, then gives them the villa, the luxury car even Large expanse of land; We have not drawn support from our influence and the influence set up the concert, the performance plays for our sweetheart; We do not have the useful taxpayer's money appreciation “the lofty art”; We have not used “the hidden rule” the control nationwide performance stage; We do not have the green passage to ship obscene and the vulgar compact disc and the books for us; We have not promoted our being intimate with the sweetheart to the leaders at all levels post.

Husbands and wives or the lover occasionally have a look at “the crooked video recording” in the home surfer obscene? But has 108 women's municipal party committee secretaries to calculate “the universal love”?

Because we do not have the privilege, we are “the outcastes”, “the fart people”, but we have the vulgar right, we have ourselves to consider oneself physiological drive the right, we have refuse to peep at individual privacy the right.

Who is obscene, who is vulgar, 1,300,000,000 people clearest!

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