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The US, the famous haunted house has 10,000 leaf of windows Orthopedic Supports and Braces

Is careful in the US “the haunted house” the inner ear.

Initially will come US's tourists to discover that American each city will have nearly so-called “the haunted house”, moreover many successfully are developed the scenic site. These “the haunted house” some are the quarters which in the historical mystical jail or executes, some are the tomb pits which in the literary work the blood suck ghost appears and disappears, also has had several mystical death event's old house, each “the haunted house” has own fable and the mystical color, many have become the local tourism money tree.

The haunted house route everywhere has

East the US is the place which the colonizer lands first, here many haunted houses concern with the American history. American presidential palace White House, also some room has been selected the American traveling magazine evaluation “the entire US ten big haunted houses”. This room calls “the Lincoln room”, located at White House's east wing two buildings. Lincoln most dotes on son William, when 11 years old initiates the high fever suddenly in this room, finally dies in here. Lincoln is incomparably sorrowful, after he died, the White House many guard declared that saw Lincoln's soul appears and disappears in this room.

North the American Boston also some calls Salin the small town, is called the US famous “the sorceress city”. 17 century's ends, epidemic diseases and so on smallpox in the match forest city spread, the panic populace thought that this is the devil which the local sorceress brings, therefore in 6 months, the Salin city has executed 19 sorceresses. Henceforth, many people pledged that sees these sorceresses' ghost, to listen to them in night's weeping sound. Now, “the sorceress city” crossed a rank smell of blood page, writes splendidly “the sorceress festival” in the Salin city traveling book home page.
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South US's New Orleans is the blood suck ghost fable amateur must go to the place. Woman of letters Anne Rice created the blood suck ghost series story in here, the movie "Night Has visited Blood suck ghost" is moves these magnificent dismal legends the silver screen. Here is different with American many places, the topography is very low, the bog everywhere, frequently had the alligator to appear and disappear, has filled the moist dreary flavor. Many trust blood suck ghost's tourist comes to New Orleans from the distant place, is for can participate in here famous at night “the tomb pit to tour”, visits blood suck ghost which appears in the night.

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The clever dwelling tour guide is the specialized tour guide

To develop the haunted house fully the commercial value, the American has found out the new drop. Except the general self-service visit, the haunted house may also provide the specialty “to seize the clever tour guide” and the adequate and systematic service. The American California's San Diego has an old house “the Uygur inside room”, once travelled the channel to evaluate “the scariest haunted house”. Actually it is only San Diego old city two red old houses, daytime seems, likely is a household ordinary American family. Daytime's ordinary visit admission ticket only then 6 US dollars, but if wants after 10:00 pm, by specialized “seizes the clever tour guide” to lead to visit, the ticket price reaches as high as one person of 75 US dollars. These seize the clever tour guide is right “the Uygur inside room” the history to know from A to Z, they even also have “the strange phenomenon surveyor” mount guard card. after 22:00, they lead the tourist to visit each room in the weak candlelight, will exaggerate and will prompt promptly, some corner once some people hung oneself, now the ghost also loafs in here, lets the tourist close one's eyes feels the air change, and suggested that the tourist will photograph many pictures, after going home, will seek for in the picture the unusual trace, certainly he will not remind the tourist, in many picture's lemon spots only will be on the dust or lens' mist. Halloween's evening, “Uygur inside room” the tour guide also will even lead the tourist to play “the fortune telling with inscribed papers covered by a dish”, please leave the ghost to talk.
The famous haunted house has 10,000 leaf of windows

South the American California San Francisco has one “the winchester haunted house”, by many traveling magazine crown is “the American most fascinating place”, “the world most greatly strangest private residence”, “the world most weird female frightened memorial hall” and so on. This semblance elegant Victoria mansion's master is “father of the American rifle” widow Sarah, she, for to dies invents in her husband under guns' ghost makes reparations, obeys sorcerer's suggestion, reprimands the large amount of money to construct this internal structure extremely strangely “the haunted house”. The tour guide said that this “the haunted house” altogether has 160 rooms, 40 staircases, 2000 leafed doors and 10,000 leaf of windows. Including him the staff need to look that the map only then as for does not lose. in 1922, after Sarah died, the transport worker spent 6 weeks not to be able to move hers furniture, was not only because the furniture was numerous, was because the transport worker walked frequently in the room is walking was becoming lost. Finally, the State authority can not but invite the person draw map, makes the guide to the worker. This “the haunted house”, the strange design is everywhere. For instance Sarah thought that the ghost will come from the chimney, designed many chimneys to supply the ghost difference. But, has reaches as high as four brickwork chimneys together, its peak pauses is leaving the ceiling also to have several centimeters places, therefore, this chimney and has become the ornaments with its connected fireplace. Also, many are the institutions. Behind the gate, is possibly a wall, is also possibly a leaf of straight window, incautiously will fall to the following garden. Even if after the gate, has the staircase, crawled with great difficulty the steep 20 levels of staircases, a peak actually bareness thing, lets the human be disappointed unavoidably. The tour guide explained that behind these unthinkable designs, is one side Sarah is exhausting her financial resource to try to please the ghost, at the same time by any means possible is evading pursues her ghost.


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