Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarkozy by the insolation station wooden stool on lectures in order to appear higher

Sarkozy exhorts the staff before the lecture to lay aside a small wooden stool especially before the tribune
Sarkozy stands on the backless stool makes the lecture
French President Sarkozy minded that own height are already not the secret, he wants all means to seem high somewhat by himself, even when makes the Normandy Landing 65th anniversary commemoration lecture, he does not forget to let the staff under the tribune lay aside the small wooden stool, good stands oneself high, guaranteed that oneself does not lose to attending American President Obama and British Prime Minister Brown while the television picture's height.

Britain Daily Mail the report said that the French Television station recently broadcast a section of Sarkozy lecture video frequency let him leave the ocean. Originally, Sarkozy exhorts the staff before own lecture to lay aside a small wooden stool especially before the tribune, like this he seems in the television picture may Gao Tiaoxie. Photographer's carelessness, was not careful that pats the picturesque surface the wooden stool, lets Sarkozy the secret expose in front of the public. An Elysee Palace's staff confirmed to the media: “that small wooden stool is one which of truly necessary personal effects president goes on a journey, president did not hope that own face are blocked by the tribune.”

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