Sunday, June 7, 2009

The German cockroach also attends “the professional league”

Speaking of the cockroach, the people are nerve-racking mostly for it, but always seriously has -odd German not only regards as the new pet this kind of flat black insect, but also has launched a full of beauty and significance cockroach race.

Many Germans also raise the cockroach “the race expert”. Has many match cockroach's club in Berlin, every week holds entirely new “the professional league”. These “free agent” all well-trained, attracted many people to come to cheer on, and poured from the top in abundance, causes the competition even more intense stimulation. A cockroach “trained the teacher” saying that he has raised more than 100 cockroach, each one “the four limbs were developed”, “the family background famous family”, the diet was also arranges according to the health care formula. With his words: “they may not be appear and disappear in the kitchen kitchen cabinet between everybody shouted hits these fellows ......They are in surrounding which loves grow up.”

For can let the beloved cockroach be potential achievement, many cockroach confuse also deliver theirs pet the animal to train there the teacher to carry on training. The training project is complete, both has starts running, the speed and so on specialist training, how and has to deal with “the magnificent scene”, is under camera's flashing light can also the self-poise training. Certainly, after each time trains, these pets must come the western-style food.

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