Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Front Mission Evolved" reforms the fire game style

'Front Mission Evolved' reforms the fire game styleSQUARE ENIX announced that the kickoff armor strategy simulation roll play game series most recent work, the quick rhythm's third person fire plays "Front Mission Evolved".

Take the armored robot as the subject "Front Mission" the series, the story background will be occurs in the near future 21 century's ends, will narrate by the person armor robot “Wanzer” the great nation war in primarily, various camps Wanzer pilot's tears of blood will interweave a succession of battlefield story which will become. However is different with the former strategic simulation, the most recent work "Front Mission Evolved" will change the quick rhythm the third person fire game, lets play the family to be able to control armored robot Wanzer, experiences the situation personally or other plays the family in the battlefield with the enemy troop to resist.

"Front Mission Evolved" will provide dozens of kind of weapons and the components organism for plays the family to make freely has individual style armored robot. The weapon has included the standard machine gun, the high power rifle, as well as may load in shoulder, destructive power astonishing rocket launcher and so on; But for shuttles back and forth in the different battlefield freely, may also choose the different thigh components, the promotion motion maneuvering force. The detailed reconciliation item, lets play the family to be able to coordinate the tactical situation according to the circumstance.

"Front Mission Evolved" will promote PC, PS3, the Xbox 360 editions, promotes the time to be undecided.
'Front Mission Evolved' reforms the fire game style
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