Friday, June 26, 2009

The Indian Thatta planned production is electrically operated and mix power Nano

The Indian Thatta group said the other day in its innovation report that its subordinate's Thatta Car company plans in the Nano vehicle type foundation produces electrically operated and the mix power high-end vehicle.

The local media cited this report report saying that Nano was not only the Thatta Car company's one kind of vehicle type, was also the design high-end vehicle type foundation. The report suggested that the Thatta Car company exports Nano developing country markets and so on Brazil, Indonesia and Russia.

Is known as “the world cheapest automobile” Nano in April officially sells in India. Four mini truck Nano minute high, middle and low 3 grade, “the luxurious funds” Nano has the air conditioning and the power window, before cheapest one section of tax, the price is only 2050 US dollars, does not have air conditioning, the power window and the steering wheel boost and so on.

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The Thatta group initiated in 1868, was the Indian history is longest, the scale biggest comprehensive enterprise group. The group service involves the steel and iron, the petroleum, the automobile, the real estate as well as the hotel industry and so on.

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